Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cornerstone Here We Come!!!

I am sooooo excited about our weekend trip to Cornerstone in Indy! I have so much planned for this weekend and I hope I get at least half of it completed! It is going to be so nice to relax and scrapbook with some good friends! Pedicures, massages, and no dishes, Woohoo!! I am so excited!! I have so much to do before tomorrow though! Gotta go shopping, make pictures, and pack, WOW!
Looking forward to a relaxing weekend!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

And the Winner Is....

Hi Everyone!!

So sorry I am posting this so late. Never enough time! I just want to let everyone know that the winner of the Scrapbook Bakery drawing was....Courtney Amber! Thank you everyone for all of your positive comments and feedback, you have all inspired me to keep being creative! Courtney Amber, if you could please send me your mailing info at, Heather will get your goodies out to you!! Please post your pages of Daphne, I would love to see them!!

What a busy weekend! We went to see my nieces play softball on Saturday for the first time. That was fun to watch, they are in second grade. Unfortunately I left the camera at home and didin't realize it until we were almost there. Guess we will have to make sure we attend another game, have lots of ideas for scrapbook pages in my head! Fun to watch and to listen to their little cheers coming out of the dugout!!

Today we went to the cemetary as this was Tom's first Mother's Day without his mom. It was pretty tough on him and although he didn't say anything, I could tell that this was a rough day/weekend for him. Kayla was excited to go to the cemetary so that she could go see Grandma. This has been very hard for her as well. With the cleaning out of her home and Kayla seing the gifts that she had made for Grandma for her birthday and Christmas she has had a hard time understanding what we are doing. She saw a mug that we made Grandma with photos of Kayla on them and she looked at me and said, "Mommy, Grandma forgot to take this with her!" It about tore my heart out. I'm trying to think of some way that we can "send" it to Grandma. Think we might package it up and send it to Heaven. Very difficult day.

Enough with the sadness! I am so excited about our weekend trip to Cornerstone Memries in a few weeks!! A whole weekend of scrapbooking and relaxation! What a way to begin the first weekend of summer vacation!! I am sooooooo excited!!

Well, I a off to give baths and get children ready for bed! I need to work on being a better blogger! I think about all these things to write as I lay in bed but by moring, I feel like I don't have two seconds! That is about to change in three weeks though!! Woohoo!!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Hi All!!!

I am so excited to see so many positive comments on my page!! I have gotten some good ideas from all of you as well. Thanks for the reminders about Teacher Appreciation Week!! Although I am a teacher, working in the inner city, we never get Teacher Appreciation gifts! So it was nice to have a reminder to check that calendar and make some gifts for Kayla's teachers this week!!

Just a reminder that you have 3 more days to post a comment on my blog to win some fun stuff from Scrapbook Bakery!

Hope everyone is doing well and I hope to get some fun things made this week for Teacher Appreciation!