Monday, September 6, 2010

Cards for Kids

I have been away for away but I have been busy creating! I have wanted to join all of the great people that have been helping Jennifer McGuire out with the Cards for Kids drive and I finally got several cards finished. I wanted to make sure that I made everything perfect for these special kids. Here are the cards that I created:

First up for the girls is this adorable octopus. On the outside is a joke that says, "What lives at the bottom of the sea and carries a lot of fish?" The punchline on the inside says, "An octobus!!"
I showed this card in a previous post and I did not like how it turned out so I made it a little better! Instead of handwriting the joke, I typed it on the computer and placed it inside a bubble. I thought it looked better this way! I created pink for the girls and blue for the boys. The joke says, "What kind of monkey flies to school?" Punchline says, "a hot air baboon!!"

This is the punchline for the next card, I can't figure out how to reverse the order!! Sorry!!

This whale card is also from another post that I didn't like so again, I changed it!! Instead of handwriting the joke, I typed it on the computer and placed it inside a bubble. Again, I thought it looked better this way!

This robot card I thought would be cute and simple for the boys!

This is another simple card I made for the boys. (Sorry about the lighting, it doesn't look so good in this picture!)

This is the girls version of the above card! I had to make it girly by adding bling to it, not sure you can really see it in these pics.
I really enjoyed making these cards and I even got Kayla involved, I thought it was a great way to show her how important it is to give back to others and to send smiles to those in need. I hope that Kayla and I can continue to participate in this card drive and really make an effort to make these children smile!!
Until next time............

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Quick Share

Hi!! I just wanted to share a quick few cards that I made!

10 years ago, my sister was blessed with TRIPLETS!! I remember the day they were born and how tiny they were. So scary to see such little tiny babies and I rememeber being so worried about them. I am happy to say that over the past 10 years, they have grown into such wonderful little people!! They always brighten your day when you are with them!! Even though they are triplets, each is so unique and has such a great personality!!

So with that came my challenge this year to create birthday cards that would suit each of their personalities!! This is what I came up with!!

For Ashley I created a butterfly card. Of course I had to use Bo Bunny paper. I used the Hero Arts butterfly stamp and embossed with white. I then added some glimmer mist to the butterfly to make it shine!! Here is a close up.

and here is the complete card.

For Jacob, I had a difficult time. 10 years old seems to be a period of transition. I didn't want to make it too childish but at the same time he isn't quite a teenager yet!! Here is what I created:

Finally for Alex I created this cute girly card. Again I used Hero Arts stamps and then used my Copic markers to color her in. Here is what I came up for Alex:

Well, that is it for now. I am off to get ready for the birthday party!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cards For Kids

So I have been a stalker of Jennifer McGuire's blog for sometime now and I have seen how she has a drive called Cards for Kids. She enlists the help of scrapbookers and card makers to help create cards for children and their families who have severe illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, etc. and are receiving treatments or are in the hospital for long periods of time. I have always wanted to participate but never felt that I could make cards that would live up to the unwritten standards that were in my mind!!! So finally after watching my friend Heather create cards for some time now I finally decided that it didn't matter how my cards looked, it was the smile that I put on a child's face that mattered!! I have been working on several cards and I am determined to make more to send along to Jennifer. Here are a few examples:

I forgot to photograph the punch line!! It is: an eel-ectric guitar!!! LOL!!!

These monkey cards are not completely done, as I am making a set of 13 so I can send one to each of the children in Jennifer's campaign. I am sending the blue ones to the boys and the pink ones to the girls!! (in case you haven't figured that out!! LOL!!)
I am planning on creating a few more different cards to send to Jennifer for these adorable children before the end of August. I am also enlisting the help of Kayla. I thought this would be a great lesson for her and for giving back to those around us. I thought it would be a good lesson to teach her that we should care for and embrass everyone around us, even if we do not know them personally.
If you would like to participate in Jennifer McGuire's campaign, just click HERE for information.
Also, if you would like other examples of some CUTE cards for kids, click on my friend Heather's blog HERE!!!!

Hope you can participate and help put a smile on a child's face!!!!
Thanks for stopping by, be back soon to post some more Cards for Kids!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Things are always busy here and it is rare that I grab a minute by myself without someone yelling or needing something! I decided to take some time to try to post some happenings around our house (although it may take more than one day to type everything, we shall see!!).

We have been on break from dance for about two weeks and it is sad to say, but I needed a minute to catch my breath! With school ending for Kayla and the school year wrapping up for me, it has been pretty hectic. Although I am teaching summer school for a few more weeks my room has been packed and ready for our big move! We are moving to a swing building this summer in order for our school to receive a ginormous renovation. This has been in the works for about 8 years now and it is finally happening. It is crazy, let me tell you!! Boxes, trash, packing, UGH!!! As soon as summer school is over I will be in our new building unpacking, making my room presentable and ready for the next school year!!

Tom is always busy with work and it gives me a lot of one-on-one time with the girls. I need to get more creative with our time together! This is where I admire my friend Shane the most, she always has great activities planned for her children!! I need to get better! Tom works 6 days a week and 2 days a week he is up at Kayla's dance studio helping with renovations for a "new and improved" dance studio! It is going to look great when it is completed but we don't see much of Tom around here, he usually gets home after the girls are tucked into bed!

Kayla is loving being out of school even though she still has to get up in the mornings so I can go to summer school. She is staying with her dance teacher and absolutely loves it!! Tami keeps her super busy and it is great because she is exhausted when she gets home!! Once summer school gets out we will definitely have to do some fun things together. She has so many friends now and will look forward to hanging out with them over the summer!

Here are some pics of Kayla enjoying time out at Grandma and Grandpa's lake.

Looking at the camera!

Being brave and jumping off!

Such a poser!

Where soes the time go?!

Audrey has already taken her summer hit! She was running through our living room and slipped on the rug by the front door and split her forehead open on the door! As you know, the forehead bleeds a lot and it just spread wide open! I was a mess, although I did keep it together for her in front of her! In the emergency room they gave us a choice between stitches or glue but said the glue would leave less of a scar. Being a girl, we wanted the least amount of scar as possible, so we went with glue. You would have thought she would have been screaming and yelling in the ER but she was AWESOME!! Thank goodness we have a "Kona Ice" truck which sells Hawaiian shaved ice and it had come around right before her fall and we had bought one. Kona Ice is awesome for keeping a 2 year old busy in the emergency room!!! The doctor and nurses couldn't stop complimenting Audrey on how well behaved she was!! She didn't drop a tear the entire time we were there! You know I took pictures and it will soon be a scrapbook page!!!
Here are some pics of Audrey and her little head!!

Audrey out at Granpa and Grandma's Lake on Memorial Day

Her lovely cut

Well, I guess that is all I have for right now! I have a lot of scrapbook pages to share and I might post those this evening if Tom comes home early, or we will try tomorrow!!
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I have been a horrible blogger lately and I know that! I feel like everything else in my life consumes me and when I think about sitting down in front of the computer to create a blog entry, I am just not motivated! Call it being tired, lazy, a slacker, I don't know! Some times I think I feel like I have to have something creative to share and I know that is not true! My blog is here for my family and friends to stay in touch with all the happenings in our lives here but I feel like I have to show something!! Well, I may show a few pictures at the end of here but that is all I have!! I honestly have not have had much time to be creative with scrapbook pages or with making cards! I have been working on Goodie Bags for Kayla's dance team though! I have created two sets of bags, one for Kayla's dance team and then one for the younger girls on the Prep Team:

This first set I made for their first competition. The message says "Dew your best and Blow the competition away!" I included a can of caffeine free Mt Dew, a Blow Pop, a horn/whistle to make noise during the competition, and then some small candy bars.
For the younger girls competition last weekend I made bags almost the same as these but with a different message tag design and saying. On the little girls I put "It's Your Time to Shine!" since it was their first ever competition. I included in the bags things that "shine". I put in these: roll on body glitter, shiny lipgloss, star suglasses that were all glittery, and Caprisun pouches and fruit snacks. They seemed to like it!! (I forgot to take pictures of them!!)
I have a great idea for our final competition at the end of April and I will share that after I create them! Love the idea but just as a hint, their Production dance this year is called "Junkyard" so it will be along the lines of a Junkyard!!
We have been super busy with all of the dancing and competitions but I WANT to get back into the swing of posting on my blog!! I have some things on reserve that I took pictures of over the winter so since I am on spring break this week I will try harder to get back on and do more posts!!
See you soon and thanks for not giving up on me!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hi All!

I am stopping by to get your opinion! I was asked to make invitations for a friend who is having a baby shower for her friend. The girl is having a boy and is getting the "Mod Pop Monkey" bedding from Babies R Us. So I wanted to create invitations that resembled that bedding. This is waht I came up with...
This card lays flat.

This card opens up and will have the invite information.

What I am hoping for from everyone is their opinion of the invitations. Which is your favorite, which isn't, is there anything that can be added to make them look better? I NEED HELP!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me your opinion!
I forgot to add that I used the Hero Arts "Bananas For You" stamp, Bazill cardstock, Bo Bunny dot paper, and Recollections stamp for the invitations information!