Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cards For Kids

So I have been a stalker of Jennifer McGuire's blog for sometime now and I have seen how she has a drive called Cards for Kids. She enlists the help of scrapbookers and card makers to help create cards for children and their families who have severe illnesses such as cancer, leukemia, etc. and are receiving treatments or are in the hospital for long periods of time. I have always wanted to participate but never felt that I could make cards that would live up to the unwritten standards that were in my mind!!! So finally after watching my friend Heather create cards for some time now I finally decided that it didn't matter how my cards looked, it was the smile that I put on a child's face that mattered!! I have been working on several cards and I am determined to make more to send along to Jennifer. Here are a few examples:

I forgot to photograph the punch line!! It is: an eel-ectric guitar!!! LOL!!!

These monkey cards are not completely done, as I am making a set of 13 so I can send one to each of the children in Jennifer's campaign. I am sending the blue ones to the boys and the pink ones to the girls!! (in case you haven't figured that out!! LOL!!)
I am planning on creating a few more different cards to send to Jennifer for these adorable children before the end of August. I am also enlisting the help of Kayla. I thought this would be a great lesson for her and for giving back to those around us. I thought it would be a good lesson to teach her that we should care for and embrass everyone around us, even if we do not know them personally.
If you would like to participate in Jennifer McGuire's campaign, just click HERE for information.
Also, if you would like other examples of some CUTE cards for kids, click on my friend Heather's blog HERE!!!!

Hope you can participate and help put a smile on a child's face!!!!
Thanks for stopping by, be back soon to post some more Cards for Kids!!!!