Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cards for James

Hi Everyone!

I have FINALLY been allowed to download pictures onto Blogger! I don't know if everyone else has been having these problems or if it is just my computer illiteracy! Glad to be back though!!

So my friend Shane has been doing a card drive for a sweet little boy in her son's kindergarten class. Here is James's story (taken from his Carepage - written by his parents)... "We wish that we didn't have a story, but the truth is we do. A few days after Christmas James experienced belly pain which was thought to be constipation. After visiting the pediatrician for an exam, we were sent for an x-ray. The x-ray confirmed a mass of some sort. At that time we were sent to Children's Hospital for an ultrasound which showed a 13 cm tumor in the left kidney. The probably diagnosis is a Wilm's tumor. James was originally scheduled for a left nephrectomy, however, the plan ended up changing due to a finding on the MRI. James has a small spot on his right kidney. This could be a "rest" which would be an insignificant finding -or it could be a bilateral Wilms tumor. Since we don't know for sure, he is being treated as though he has a bilateral Wilms tumor. The standard treatment for this is 6 weeks of chemo then surgery. James is a sweet, fun loving 5 year old with a big heart!"

Shane has been collecting cards for James and delivering them to his family. Just think of what a big smile these will put on this cute little boy's face! So, I need your help to make this card drive a success and put a smile on the faces of this family. All you need to do is create a card (or cards) with an upbeat cheery theme ( get well soon cards) and send them to Shane...

c/o Shane Rieder
862 Gorham Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245


She is also collecting cards for James's family ~
Sister ~ Grace (3 years) and
Parents ~ Matt and Heather

Here are a few cards I have made so far for the family:

This one is for James:

Loving the Hero Arts Monsters!!

Here is another card for James:

For James' sister Grace:

Again, Hero Arts stamps!

LOVE these butterfly stamps and background stamp from Hero Arts!

Close up of the butterfly sprayed with Perfect Pearls and Chipped Saphire Distress Ink.

Card for James' Parents:

Hero Arts Background stamp with distress ink and Perfect Pearls.

Just a little bit of time to create but hopefully put huge smiles on this families faces for a little while.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a lot more to share now that I have figured out how to upload photos again!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trying to Blog

I have tried now 3 times in the last week to get on here and share some of the work that I have been doing but I am not having any luck! Every time I try to upload pics to share the Blog refuses to upload them! I am wondering if anyone else is running into this problem or if it is something that I am doing?! I am so frustrated. If anyone has any ideas, I would GREATLY appreciate it!!
Hopefully I can figure this out soon as I have lots to share!!
See you soon!