Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Scrap Pages

Whoops!! I just noticed that I posted two of the same pages! Guess I like that page!!! LOL :)

Scrap Pages from Sat. Crop

Here are some of the pages that I created for Scrapbook Bakery. These are pics from my sister-in-laws wedding last June. I was able to get some great pics of Kayla and wanted some pretty paper to use. I used Crate paper for these pages. To get all of the products used in these pages go to Heather's website at Scrapbookbakery.com!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Ramblings About My Girls!

I have to say, I have an amazing little girl. Kayla is only 6 years old but has the heart and soul of a much older person. I call her my "little old soul". She is so into people and making them happy. She gets along with everyone, I don't think she has an enemy. At school Kayla is friends with everyone. Kayla loves everyone and cares so much for everyone. She asks almost on a daily basis about members of our family and is so concerned when someone is sick or hurt. Kayla even asks about my friends and every one of my friends is so into her. They always ask about her when I talk to them and when I meet up with them for lunches or dinners, Kayla is often invited! She can carry on an adult conversation with so many people it is funny. I will never forget the time we were out at my parents house and my brother was on the deck, Kayla followed him out there. He pops his head in the door and says "Oh my god, I'm having an adult conversation with Kayla right now!" So grown up and so truly interested in people.
Her memory is absolutely amazing! She can remember things that happened that were, to me, just petty things and she will talk to me and say "Remember when..." She amazes me! She has this thirst for knowledge that is unbelievable, she is like a sponge! As a teacher I watch as students develop over several years but watching her just astounds me!
Kayla is such a great big sister too. SHe is so willing to help me wheever I need it and she truly just LOVES her little sister. She can be found reading to Audrey almost daily and she is always giving hugs ad kisses to her. When I pick Kayla up from school, it's Audrey that gets the first hug and kiss, not mommy anymore! I am sooooo grateful that she loves her baby sister so much!
Can you tell I'm a very proud mom?! I don't know where she gets this all from!

I have had a lot of time to think lately, for some reason Audrey thinks it's fun to get up around 3:00ish every morning. It's amazing how quiet the house is and how much thinking you do when it's just you and a sweet little girl! Even though at times I complain about getting up during the night with her, I wouldn't change it for anything, especially since there will be no more babies in our house. The other night I was sitting with Audrey trying to get her to burp just listening to the sweet little sounds she was making. So sweet! Her little head was on my shoulder and her little arm was around my neck and she was doing what I call her "purring" in my ear!! How sweet she is! I am trying to absorb as many of these moments as I possibly can and save them up! I am getting so depressed about going back to work in two weeks and I am going to so miss my bonding time with her. I think we have done a great job of bonding over the last three months even though I was so concerned about this while I was in the hospital when I had her. I just realized the other day that I didn't get to even "meet" Audrey until 14 hours after she was born! I was worried about not seeing her in the hospital hardly at all while we were there for the week and not having that time to immediately form that bond. I was so worried about her knowing who I was and not being with me. My little "border baby" as she was called. I was so afraid we would never form that bond. I think we have been successful in forming this bond over the last three months between the early morning feedings and the time we spend together while Kayla is at school. I am going to miss this time so much! What I would do to be a stay at home mommy! I kick myself now for having debt to pay!!

Many of my friends ask how I have been feeling and most days I am feeling 100%! The last two days I have been really concerned because I have been having chest pains again. I wonder if this is something that I am going to struggle with for the rest of my life? I woke up this morning scared because it was hurting so bad and it has hurt on and off all day. What happens when I go back to work and am feeling way more stressed out than I am now? Then what happens? I know that congestive heart failure is something that you have to deal with and constantly monitor. It is really scary. I finally got back on the treadmill last week and was so scared to do so. I made sure Tom was home in case something happened. Isn't that sad that I am afraid to get on the treadmill? I was always looking for an excuse not to get on it before I had Audrey, now I want to and am so scared!! I try not to think about the whole heart failure thing but I find myself thinking about it every day. I wonder if it will ever be something that I don't constantly think about? I know that every day I think about it though makes me that much more grateful that I have another day here with my girls and my family.

Okay, on to something more bright!! I was so excited to go scrapbooking this Saturday with Heather, Missy, and Shane! I feel like I got so much accomplished!! I was so upset at how quickly the time went by! It always does when I am on a roll for some reason!! I am soo excited to have my layouts posted on Scrapbook Bakery's site! I am going t take some pics and put them on here though, just because I am so excited about my pages! :) I am looking forward to having another girl's day out so I can get much more done!

Well, I have rambled on quite a bit! It is time to go and make dinner! I am going to try to get layouts posted either tonight or tomorrow morning!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some of my work!

I am going to attempt to add some images of some things that I have done for my home. In Kayla's room I created four canvas pages for her walls. These were fun to do and I ended up making several for my sister's girls as well.

Not all of my pictures are straight! I need to work on taking still pictures!! :)
When we found out that we were going to have a new addition, Kayla was going to have to be the big girl and move upstairs. To help get her excited, we had her pick out the colors for her room and do some art work to be added to her new room. She decided that she wanted to do some canvas work of her own! I took her to Michael's and Hobby Lobby and let her pick out her products. It was a very long trip because anyone that knows her knows what a perfectionist she is! These are the designs she came up with!

We had a really good time working on these! She was very proud when she was finished and anyone that came into the house had to go upstairs to see her canvas art! We hung them in her room right as you come in the doorway.

Okay, enough for now. I'm excited I got some pics up! I need to work on taking pics of our art!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

First Try

Well, I am going to try this and see how well I can keep up with it! I'm sure I will be fine at first but since I will be going back to work in three weeks I may not have so much time!

Audrey and Kayla are getting so big. I think that Audrey is going through a growth spurt right now. She spends a lot of time trying to sleep but not always successfully! We noticed yesterday that she is almost too long for her one piece 0-3 month outfits! It's really pretty sad!

Kayla went to her first sleepover last night! We went across the street to watch the Nascar race and have some cocktails while the kids played. Before we knew it, it was midnight and Megan was asking if Kayla could spend the night. I ws shocked that Kayla actually wanted to stay! She did an awesome job! In fact its 4:45 right now and she is still over there playing! My big girl is growing up so fast!!

I was hoping to get some scrapbooking done today but so far that hasn't happened! Every time I put Audrey down she starts fussing and I can't get anything done. I decided to try this real quick while she was snoozing but she is already making noise after 15 minutes on here!!! I was hoping to try to figure out how to get pics and other images on here today, maybe later!