Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Just wanted to stop by with a few quick pictures of the girls from Halloween! I haven't had time to scrap them yet so just the pictures will have to do for now! The girls had a blast making their way through the neighborhood gathering lots of candy!! Audrey only went to about 5 houses but that was fine for her!! My content little cheetah!

Love this picture of the girls together! Not often you can get both without someone yelling or making some sort of face!

My little Lady!


Daddy and Audrey!
Well, that's all my shares for now!! Be back soon, hopefully with those pictures scrapped!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Treat Bags

Hi All!

I just wanted to stop by with a quick post showing some treat bags that I made for Kayla's Dance Team and her classroom. I absolutely LOVE these stamps from Hero Arts!! They are sooo freakin' adorable!! I learned how to make these bags from Heather who sent me to Jennifer McGuire's link for Hero Arts (If I knew how to add a link I would, sorry!). They were so easy to make and they were a simple idea for a classroom. I didn't realize until after I made these bags and after I posted them on my Facebook that I had created them almost exactly like Heather created!!! Sorry Heather, didn't mean to totally copy!!

Anyway, here are the pics:

The stamps are all Hero Arts. I got the bags at Target and tied ribbon around the top. The ribbon came from Michaels.
Thanks for stopping by!! Be back soon for more shares!!! :-D

Sunday, October 25, 2009


As promised (2 months ago!), here are pics from vacation!! Unfortunately I turned the camera over to my husband for part of the trip, the most important part, the beach, and they were not what I wanted! Should have had the camera myself! Oh well! Kayla at Yorktown in one of the farms. Love this picture of her! She looks all grown up, where has the time gone?!Kayla at the ocean. The girls had a blast and did not want to leave!

This is the only half way decent picture of the girls together at the ocean!

We had a great time at the ocean and hope to go back some time real soon!!
Things have been crazy busy around here with the beginning of the school year, new dance team year, and just the daily hustle and bustle. I keep thinking I need to get on here and post but I get busy doing other things and then when I have time, I'm too lazy to get on! Oh well, going to try to be better!
I have gotten to spend a lot of time scrapping with the girls the past two months so I do have a lot to share! It has been nice getting together one Saturday or Sunday every few weeks to catch up on everyone's lives and to catch up on some much needed scrapping!! It's been nice! Here are a few pages that I have been working on:
I LOVED this paper from Basic Grey so much that I stepped out of my box of using pinks and actually used it on one of Audrey's pages! I am so glad that I did because I LOVED the result!!!

This is what I came up with! The photo does not do the colors justice! I love the bright blues, yellows, and oranges in the paper! It worked perfect for Audrey's swim page, it brought out the colors in her swimsuit as well as her ducky!

Well, this is all for now!! I will be back MUCH SOONER than 2 months for my next post!!! I have lots of dance pages that I have been working on to share!! I also have been working on some Halloween ideas for Kayla's class and for her Dance Team girls! Can't wait to share!!!
Oh, one more thing, I have been put in charge of "spirit" at Kayla's dance studio. This includes making noise makers for the competitions that run from February until May as well as "Goodie" bags for the girls for the competitions. I have a few ideas but was wondering if anyone out there that my happen upon my Blog has any ideas, I would GREATLY appreciate any help!!!
Thanks for stopping by!!! Be back soon!! :-D

Monday, August 17, 2009


I haven't fallen off the face of the earth just to let you know!! I am still here. We went on vacation last week toVirginia Beach. I have losts of pictures to scrapbook now!! The girls had a blast hanging out with all the cousins and family while we were there. Unfortunately I have not been very creative lately so I don't have anything to show!! I will post pics and maybe some pages in the next few days!
School starts tomorrow and I am so bummed! Where did the summer go? It is so sad to say goodbye!! I know we will have some nice weekends ahead but I'm going to miss much of my time with the girls, although there were some days where I felt insane!!
That's all for now!! Be back in the next few days with pics!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Travel Journals

Just wanted to share a super quick project. I was reading Scrapbooks Etc. and saw the idea for these cute Travel Journals for kids to take on vacation with them. They showed a chipboard book with the name of the destination on the front and hand decorated by a child. The child could take this Travel Journal with them on their trip and write down the exciting things that they did and saw on their trip. Well, since we are leaving for Virginia Beach next week I thought this would be a GREAT idea for Kayla! After thinking about it, I also thought, since my sister is going with her 4 children, why not have them over this week, since it's going to rain AGAIN and have them make one too!!

Last night I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and Michaels. At Hobby Lobby I found some small journals that I am going to have the kids decorate with a beach theme and then tie ribbons on the spiral. Each day they can write about what they did that they enjoyed. I will have them attach a small pen that they can keep with the journal so they can write every day.

I ran over to Michaels and found these ADORABLE chipboard albums in these cute fish shapes!! They are Crayola Chipboard albums made by Colorbok. I thought it would be a great idea for the kids to decorate the albums and then when they come home from the beach, they can have small photos made and just add them to the books!! Oh, and did I mention that these CUTE books were on slae for ONLY 60 cents at Michaels this week?!! How could I possibly pass that up?!

I made one for Audrey to show the kids as an example and then I am going to add her photos when we get home. I am also going to make her a small journal to write down what we did each day!

This is the before of the Crayola Chipboard Album from Colorbok.
Just a photo of the packaging in case you are wondering!!

This is my example that I made for Audrey. I placed the date and the destination on the front using Doodlebug letters.

Another picture of the front. I also attached ribbon around the ring that holds the album together.

These are the inner pages. I just traced and cut out the fish and then used adhesive to adhere them to the chipboard. There probably was a better way but this is what I went with!

I am going to attach googly eyes on each of the pages but did not have time today to run back to Michaels to get them! I will post final pics after I put those on! I will also post pics of the whole group creating their own!!! I hope things run smoothly, thte kids range in age from 4-9, so it could be interesting!!! Oh, and I will post final pics of the journals that we are going to create as well!!!
See you soon!!!! :-)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dawn McVey's Color Challenge Take Two!!!

Ever have one of those nights where you are trying to go to sleep but all you can think about is scrapbooking or creating something new? Well last night was one of those nights for me!! Those of you who know me know that I cannot leave things alone! I was not happy with the card I created for Dawn McVey's Color Challenge last night and that was all I could think about!! Since I am fairly new to card making I don't feel that I do well with them, not like scrapbook pages. So after laying in bed last night and thinking about it, I had to get up this morning and create something new, and what I feel is better! So again, here are the colors Dawn gave everyone to work with... and here is my new and improved project!!

I apologize if the colors are difficult to see, they are soooo much prettier and vibrant in person! I was VERY surprised at how good the colors actually look together!!! At first I thought, "Yea right!" and then after playing, I REALLY like it!!!
So thanks so much for checking out my NEW and IMPROVED project!!! See you soon! :-)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dawn McVey's Challenge

So I decided today to finally work on a challenge from Dawn McVey's Blog. I am a huge fan of her Blog and all of her beautiful projects and I am always thinking about joining in a challenge but never have. So today was my day to be brave! Here are the colors that she gave everyone to work with... This is what I created.
Here is a side angle that shows the colors a little better.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! I might play with these colors again in the morning when I have a fresh eye!! See you soon!

I think I messed up!!! :-( I entered the American Crafts Designer Challenge, where they are looking for new designers for their company. Well, I was under the impression that all entries were due by midnight tonight because on the challenge that is due Thursday, that is how it works. Well, when I went on their site to get the email information to send all my projects to, I saw it says, "Due by July 20"!!! It doesn't give a time but says BY...I hope I didn't mess up!!! I hope I didn't blow any opportunity that I may have had!!! I am NEVER late for due dates and I am so afraid I blew it!!! I am BUMMED! I guess as Heather says, at least you got a lot of scrapping done! I guess that's the positive way to look at it!

Well, just to share with you, these are the projects that I created for American Crafts contest. When I downloaded these images I downloaded them backwards because they never end up in the original order and for some reason they are still mixed up!! Please bare with me!! I will figure this whole thing out one day!!

This is a close up of part of the 2nd layout I did for the challenge. I used the American Crafts Teen line on this page.

This is the entire layout using the American Crafts Teen line.

This was the first layout I submitted. It is a close-up to show the stickles that I used on the flowers to sort of make them pop. I used the American Crafts Everyday line on this page.

This is the entire layout my first submission using the American Crafts Everyday line.

This is a magnetic picture frame from Bazzill. I bought this frame completely blank and you add whatever you want to it and you use magnets!! It was sooo fun to work with. For Kayla's frame I used the American Crafts Backyard line. Loved the paper and the Flair that goes with it!

This is the same frame from Bazzill and I made Audrey one using the American Crafts Teen line. Loved the bright colors of this paper and it totally matched Audrey's swimsuit!!

This pic just shows how I attached the magnets on the back of the paper and then you just stick the paper and embellishments wherever you want on the frame!!

This is the basic Bazzill frame that I started with. I think what I am going to do is use this frame for each season and switch out the papers and the embellishments according to the picture that I have in it!! So much fun!

This is the card that I made for the challenge. I used American Crafts Moda bella line. Loved the bright colors in the paper and love how fancy the cards look! I used a Hero Arts stamp and embossed it on to the coordinating American Crafts paper.

I made a set of 6 cards. I think I will use them as a gift for someone!

So even though I am REALLY worried that I missed the deadline for the challenge, I did get a lot of work finished!! I am going to enter their other challenge for this week but I am REALLY having a hard time thinking of something to create!! I know I will come up with something though!!
Thanks for reading!!! Be back soon!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Shares

So in my time away besides attending many dance competitions with Kayla, I did manage to get some scrapping done!! I attended Cornerstone Memories with Heather, Rena, Missy and the rest of the girls. I spent the weekend working on my favorite subjects, the girls!! It was kind of funny because I didn't have a whole lot of embellishments, believe it or not, so I was forced to use what I had. I experimented with layering paper and just using the paper as my focus! I was so happy with what I created. I would have to say that these pages were some of the best that I have created!!

This is my stubborn child who wouldn't let me out of her sight and fell asleep sitting up in her crib so that she could see me down the hall! I feel bad because I cannot remember the brand of the paper I used.
This I created using the Little Yellow Bicycle Zinnia Collection. I love the bright colors of the product, it worked really well with my snow pics! I zoomed in on this part of the layout because I LOVE the smaller pics that you can create on the do-it-yourself picture makers at the store now!! I fit so many pics on one page! Love it!
Another pic of the layout using Little Yellow Bicycle Zinnia Collection.

I created this layout using the Basic Grey Bittersweet collection. I love this collection, so girly!! I zoomed in just to show the paper.

Again, another pic of the entire layout of the Basic Grey Bittersweet collection.

I LOVE this picture of Kayla. I was just playing around with the camera and happened to snap this picture. I used the Basic Grey Urban Prairie collection on this layout. Again, I love the girly colors in this collection!

This layout I thought it might be fun to show the goofy side of Kayla!! I used the American Crafts paper on this layout. Love it!!

This is the entire layout of the above.

Finally, I used the K.I. paper (I think) on this layout. I used the sparkly letters from Making Memories and then the snowflakes were white and I used the Sugar Coating from Doodelbug to make them match the letters.

Okay, enough shares for now! I will be back soon with some more layouts I created last night on my scrapping trip with Heather and Missy to Archivers! Be back soon!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog Slacker!

Hi!! I have been away for what feels like forever!! I have been pretty much overwhelmed with all of Kayla's dancing!! She has had competitions from February until this past weekend. It was a lot of fun but at the same time very exhausting (both for her and for me!!)! I am sure most people I know who did at one time read this have stopped reading!! I hope that you come and check this out every once in a while to see if by some chance I am blogging!!! I have so much to catch up on!

Audrey is growing unbelievably fast! She is at the climbing stage!! She talks a lot and almost daily says something new! I am worried at this point that I may have a table dancer on my hands as she loves to climb on the kitchen table and stand and dance! The other day I caught her up there in a pair of my heels hopping up and down!! Please say a prayer for her that she doesn't find a job in Vegas one day!! Of course I have had to take many pictures of these wonderful things she has been doing and I will post some of the pictures soon!

With scrapping, I had gotten a lot done until about a month ago and then I competely stopped!! I have some new pages to show and I am so excited to finally have a book started fro Audrey! It took me a while to deal with everything and I am finally to the point where I am able to scrap everything and tell the story to her. I'm very excited about what I have been creating!!Well I have babbled enough for now! I will be back soon with some pics and more news!

Miss Audrey

My "Jungle Jive" dancer!

Love this pic of Kayla!

Love that little smile!