Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Travel Journals

Just wanted to share a super quick project. I was reading Scrapbooks Etc. and saw the idea for these cute Travel Journals for kids to take on vacation with them. They showed a chipboard book with the name of the destination on the front and hand decorated by a child. The child could take this Travel Journal with them on their trip and write down the exciting things that they did and saw on their trip. Well, since we are leaving for Virginia Beach next week I thought this would be a GREAT idea for Kayla! After thinking about it, I also thought, since my sister is going with her 4 children, why not have them over this week, since it's going to rain AGAIN and have them make one too!!

Last night I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and Michaels. At Hobby Lobby I found some small journals that I am going to have the kids decorate with a beach theme and then tie ribbons on the spiral. Each day they can write about what they did that they enjoyed. I will have them attach a small pen that they can keep with the journal so they can write every day.

I ran over to Michaels and found these ADORABLE chipboard albums in these cute fish shapes!! They are Crayola Chipboard albums made by Colorbok. I thought it would be a great idea for the kids to decorate the albums and then when they come home from the beach, they can have small photos made and just add them to the books!! Oh, and did I mention that these CUTE books were on slae for ONLY 60 cents at Michaels this week?!! How could I possibly pass that up?!

I made one for Audrey to show the kids as an example and then I am going to add her photos when we get home. I am also going to make her a small journal to write down what we did each day!

This is the before of the Crayola Chipboard Album from Colorbok.
Just a photo of the packaging in case you are wondering!!

This is my example that I made for Audrey. I placed the date and the destination on the front using Doodlebug letters.

Another picture of the front. I also attached ribbon around the ring that holds the album together.

These are the inner pages. I just traced and cut out the fish and then used adhesive to adhere them to the chipboard. There probably was a better way but this is what I went with!

I am going to attach googly eyes on each of the pages but did not have time today to run back to Michaels to get them! I will post final pics after I put those on! I will also post pics of the whole group creating their own!!! I hope things run smoothly, thte kids range in age from 4-9, so it could be interesting!!! Oh, and I will post final pics of the journals that we are going to create as well!!!
See you soon!!!! :-)

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Heather Ruwe said...

great idea jennie! thanks for sharing. :)