Monday, July 20, 2009

I think I messed up!!! :-( I entered the American Crafts Designer Challenge, where they are looking for new designers for their company. Well, I was under the impression that all entries were due by midnight tonight because on the challenge that is due Thursday, that is how it works. Well, when I went on their site to get the email information to send all my projects to, I saw it says, "Due by July 20"!!! It doesn't give a time but says BY...I hope I didn't mess up!!! I hope I didn't blow any opportunity that I may have had!!! I am NEVER late for due dates and I am so afraid I blew it!!! I am BUMMED! I guess as Heather says, at least you got a lot of scrapping done! I guess that's the positive way to look at it!

Well, just to share with you, these are the projects that I created for American Crafts contest. When I downloaded these images I downloaded them backwards because they never end up in the original order and for some reason they are still mixed up!! Please bare with me!! I will figure this whole thing out one day!!

This is a close up of part of the 2nd layout I did for the challenge. I used the American Crafts Teen line on this page.

This is the entire layout using the American Crafts Teen line.

This was the first layout I submitted. It is a close-up to show the stickles that I used on the flowers to sort of make them pop. I used the American Crafts Everyday line on this page.

This is the entire layout my first submission using the American Crafts Everyday line.

This is a magnetic picture frame from Bazzill. I bought this frame completely blank and you add whatever you want to it and you use magnets!! It was sooo fun to work with. For Kayla's frame I used the American Crafts Backyard line. Loved the paper and the Flair that goes with it!

This is the same frame from Bazzill and I made Audrey one using the American Crafts Teen line. Loved the bright colors of this paper and it totally matched Audrey's swimsuit!!

This pic just shows how I attached the magnets on the back of the paper and then you just stick the paper and embellishments wherever you want on the frame!!

This is the basic Bazzill frame that I started with. I think what I am going to do is use this frame for each season and switch out the papers and the embellishments according to the picture that I have in it!! So much fun!

This is the card that I made for the challenge. I used American Crafts Moda bella line. Loved the bright colors in the paper and love how fancy the cards look! I used a Hero Arts stamp and embossed it on to the coordinating American Crafts paper.

I made a set of 6 cards. I think I will use them as a gift for someone!

So even though I am REALLY worried that I missed the deadline for the challenge, I did get a lot of work finished!! I am going to enter their other challenge for this week but I am REALLY having a hard time thinking of something to create!! I know I will come up with something though!!
Thanks for reading!!! Be back soon!!

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