Thursday, June 10, 2010


Things are always busy here and it is rare that I grab a minute by myself without someone yelling or needing something! I decided to take some time to try to post some happenings around our house (although it may take more than one day to type everything, we shall see!!).

We have been on break from dance for about two weeks and it is sad to say, but I needed a minute to catch my breath! With school ending for Kayla and the school year wrapping up for me, it has been pretty hectic. Although I am teaching summer school for a few more weeks my room has been packed and ready for our big move! We are moving to a swing building this summer in order for our school to receive a ginormous renovation. This has been in the works for about 8 years now and it is finally happening. It is crazy, let me tell you!! Boxes, trash, packing, UGH!!! As soon as summer school is over I will be in our new building unpacking, making my room presentable and ready for the next school year!!

Tom is always busy with work and it gives me a lot of one-on-one time with the girls. I need to get more creative with our time together! This is where I admire my friend Shane the most, she always has great activities planned for her children!! I need to get better! Tom works 6 days a week and 2 days a week he is up at Kayla's dance studio helping with renovations for a "new and improved" dance studio! It is going to look great when it is completed but we don't see much of Tom around here, he usually gets home after the girls are tucked into bed!

Kayla is loving being out of school even though she still has to get up in the mornings so I can go to summer school. She is staying with her dance teacher and absolutely loves it!! Tami keeps her super busy and it is great because she is exhausted when she gets home!! Once summer school gets out we will definitely have to do some fun things together. She has so many friends now and will look forward to hanging out with them over the summer!

Here are some pics of Kayla enjoying time out at Grandma and Grandpa's lake.

Looking at the camera!

Being brave and jumping off!

Such a poser!

Where soes the time go?!

Audrey has already taken her summer hit! She was running through our living room and slipped on the rug by the front door and split her forehead open on the door! As you know, the forehead bleeds a lot and it just spread wide open! I was a mess, although I did keep it together for her in front of her! In the emergency room they gave us a choice between stitches or glue but said the glue would leave less of a scar. Being a girl, we wanted the least amount of scar as possible, so we went with glue. You would have thought she would have been screaming and yelling in the ER but she was AWESOME!! Thank goodness we have a "Kona Ice" truck which sells Hawaiian shaved ice and it had come around right before her fall and we had bought one. Kona Ice is awesome for keeping a 2 year old busy in the emergency room!!! The doctor and nurses couldn't stop complimenting Audrey on how well behaved she was!! She didn't drop a tear the entire time we were there! You know I took pictures and it will soon be a scrapbook page!!!
Here are some pics of Audrey and her little head!!

Audrey out at Granpa and Grandma's Lake on Memorial Day

Her lovely cut

Well, I guess that is all I have for right now! I have a lot of scrapbook pages to share and I might post those this evening if Tom comes home early, or we will try tomorrow!!
Thanks for stopping by.

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Shane said...

I can't believe how grown up the girls are! Where has time gone? Sorry to hear about Audrey's injury! 2 of my 4 have had fun! When summer school ends we'll have to have you and the girls out to our pool. I know Claire would love to have more girls (to play with) around:)