Monday, March 22, 2010


I have been a horrible blogger lately and I know that! I feel like everything else in my life consumes me and when I think about sitting down in front of the computer to create a blog entry, I am just not motivated! Call it being tired, lazy, a slacker, I don't know! Some times I think I feel like I have to have something creative to share and I know that is not true! My blog is here for my family and friends to stay in touch with all the happenings in our lives here but I feel like I have to show something!! Well, I may show a few pictures at the end of here but that is all I have!! I honestly have not have had much time to be creative with scrapbook pages or with making cards! I have been working on Goodie Bags for Kayla's dance team though! I have created two sets of bags, one for Kayla's dance team and then one for the younger girls on the Prep Team:

This first set I made for their first competition. The message says "Dew your best and Blow the competition away!" I included a can of caffeine free Mt Dew, a Blow Pop, a horn/whistle to make noise during the competition, and then some small candy bars.
For the younger girls competition last weekend I made bags almost the same as these but with a different message tag design and saying. On the little girls I put "It's Your Time to Shine!" since it was their first ever competition. I included in the bags things that "shine". I put in these: roll on body glitter, shiny lipgloss, star suglasses that were all glittery, and Caprisun pouches and fruit snacks. They seemed to like it!! (I forgot to take pictures of them!!)
I have a great idea for our final competition at the end of April and I will share that after I create them! Love the idea but just as a hint, their Production dance this year is called "Junkyard" so it will be along the lines of a Junkyard!!
We have been super busy with all of the dancing and competitions but I WANT to get back into the swing of posting on my blog!! I have some things on reserve that I took pictures of over the winter so since I am on spring break this week I will try harder to get back on and do more posts!!
See you soon and thanks for not giving up on me!!

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Heather Ruwe said... blogged! :) Just love the bags and can't wait to see your junkyard themed goodies. TFS!