Sunday, March 30, 2008


Wow! I have been such a slacker! It's amazing how going back to work full time really cuts down on your free time!!
Speaking of going back to work full time, that was incredibly difficult! I know that the girls are in good hands where they are but it is so hard to give up my time with both of them. I swore I wasn't going to get upset my first day back but of course I couldn't help it and ended up crying my whole way to work! I was tough until I kissed Audrey good-bye and she made this adorable cooing sound at me and that was the end of it!! I was crying which then made Kayla cry, it was a mess!!! Thank goodness the kids at school were easy on me my first week back!
t's funny how I tried to ease back into things, I went back for two weeks and spent this last week on Spring Break! It was nice! I spent much of the week cleaning and redecorating the house. We were in desperate need of new rugs in the kitchen and new runners in the living room and hallways. Bought some new frames and hung some beautiful pictures of the girls. Was so excited about that! I was also sooo excited to get some new bath towels! Why that was such a big deal I don't know but I think I have had the same towels since Tom and I got married 11 years ago!!! Nice to have new towels!!
Kayla and I spent a girls day out at the levee. We went and ate Deweys Pizza (YUM!!) and saw Horton Hears a Who, how cute that was! Of course no trip to the levee is complete without a trip to the bookstore! It was a great day!
Finally on Friday, I taught my nieces and Kayla's friend how to scrapbook. My sister brought her girls and her son over to scrapbook. I had planned o making an entire 5 x 7 album with them for summer. Wow, I was ready to crash by the end! The girls were so into it though with the exception of Kayla's friend. Even Jacob scrapbooked! He was so proud of his book when he was finished, it was great! The girls have been after me for almost a year to teach them to scrapbook. Hopefully they learned a little something this weekend!
I spent Saturday scarpbooking with the Scrapbook Bakery Team at an all day crop. I can't say that I worked on anything for the website but I did get some personal scarpping done! We were there for 10 hours and I got a whole 3 pages finished!! I spent a lot of time in deep thought about my pages! Some times it just takes a while to get all the ideas together! It was nice to hang out with the ladies and get some scrapping accomplished, I am so excited about my pages! I really need to go buy a new scrapbook now to put all the pretty layouts I have been working on in!! Here are the layouts that I completed at the crop yesterday and one bonus from another crop that Heather and I attended a few weeks ago.

I am not sure why the top part of my post is all underlined!!! I can't get it to change so I am going to look like a dork right now with it all underlined! Hopefully I can figure out how to change it at some point!

Well I guess this is enough for now. I have a lot more to write about but have spent a lot of time trying to figure out the underlining thing!!! I will try my best not to be gone so long this time!

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