Monday, October 27, 2008

"Given Up On You"

I believe those were Heather's words!!! I am still here and as much as I have wanted to blog, life has just gotten in the way! I have been writing in a journal on a weekly basis but I can do that in the comforts of my bed!!! Gosh, what I wouldn't do for a laptop!!! Maybe some day that will be in the budget!!! I reassure you that I have been here and I have even found some time for some scrapbooking here and there!

I have just been a little crazy with Kayla's nutty schedule! I don't have anyone to blame but myself, I thought I could handle it all! Busy, Busy, Busy!!! Dance 1 day a week, cheer at least 3 days and with competition, that means 4 days!!! And then homework and school on top of all that!! I'm INSANE!!!!!!! Thank goodness cheer is finally coming to an end this weekend. I think Kayla had fun doing it but I think that this is the one and only year she wants to do it. Unfortunately she had a coach that was not so good and ruined her experience (makes me so sad). I think Kayla enjoyed the competition aspect of teh cheerleading but I'm not sure she liked the actual cheering at football games. We will see what next year brings when sign ups come around in the spring.

Audrey is as cute as ever!! Thank goodness she is such a good baby!! All these trips to cheer and dance, she just hangs out! You will catch her bopping her head to the music wherever we are, it is so darn cute!! I am just amazed that her birthday is right around the corner!! One year! Where does the time go?!

Well, I wanted to pop in and update everyone on the kids and where I have been! I have included a few pages I have created in the last few months. These are not all of them and I hope to get some more up this week depending on the craziness of the week! These are some of the summer layouts I have created. A few of them I scrap-lifted from Archivers pages but added my own twists here and there to make them my own.

This is of Audrey out at the lake. Love the colors in this paper. It's Archiver's paper, how fun!

This is a close up of the flamingo from the next lay-out. Courtney, I totally thought of you here! Love the boa on the flamingo!!
Here is another close-up of a sticker that I added Stickles to, I love the Stickles!!

Audrey at Stacey's pool. She LOVED the water this year!! Again, Archiver's paper!! Love the colors!!!

This is the first page of a two-page lay-out. This one is the first page that goes along with the above lay-out with Audrey. This was at Stacey's pool again.

I will be back soon to show some more lay-outs that I have been working on. I have been mostly working on lay-outs with Audrey as her birthday is coming up soon and I haven't really scrapped much of her!
Thanks so much for checking in and for sticking with me!! I will blog soon!!!

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Heather Ruwe said...

YEAH! You finally posted on your blog! Those LO of the girls are great. :)