Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling Crazy (Not scrapbook related!)

Wow!!! Today was the first day back to school after a 4 day snow break, I am flabergasted in the behavior of the students in my classes! It was very evident that these students spent 4 days + the weekend without any parental supervision or consequences for their behaviors! I honestly believe that these kids were free to do whatever they wanted the entire break!! I had tons planned for today since I am now playing catch-up and in addition to ALWAYS being behind the stated curriculum and I may have gotten through a quarter of it!! So irritating!! I am blown away how after these long breaks these children come to school without a care about what they are expected to do or any consequences for their behaviors!!! It's like everything WE have taught them at school about appropriate behaviors and manners and consequences for your actions has been thrown out the window!! It will take at least until Wednesday to get them back under control. I think I woke up some of the students (at least my 7th grade boys class) by giving uncomfortable conequences but I know I am in for a challenge for the next few days!! So annoying!!

I think through working in the environment I work in, I appreciate how my parents raised me and I want to be an even better parent as a result. I cannot justify raising my children without decency and respect for themselves as well as their elders. I am reminded of this on a daily basis and am constantly grateful for what I have. I feel that sometimes I am hard on Kayla because of what I see on a daily basis in my classroom and I just want her to be a good, hard working, respectful child. I think she is most of the time!! Makes you want to be more for your children, that's for sure!

I feel horrible for coming home on these days and totally taking my frustration out on my own family. I feel like this happens every few months but I feel like this is too often. I know Tom understands but the girls have no idea. I am blown away by the inability or the lack of caring by some parents to raise their children in a respectful and nurturing environment. I know the children learn from what they see in their homes and environments which makes me shudder at what is going on in thier homes if they are so hateful in the classroom. I try very hard on a daily basis to create an environment within my own classroom where all the kids feel safe and wanted, although it just takes a few to make everyone not feel comfortable.

Okay, I have rambled enough. I guess it helps sometimes to get things out and maybe even bounce things off of other people. I guess today was one of those days where I feel worthless as a teacher and wonder why I do what I do on a daily basis! Makes me want to have a snow day every day!! After all of this complaining it makes me so grateful that I enjoyed my 4 days with my own beautiful girls!!

I wanted to share a few pics of Audrey in the snow. I shared some of Kayla last week so it's only fair to share some of Audrey!!

This pic reminded me of the movie "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie's mom bundles up the little brother and he "can't get up!" Poor baby, so bundled up!
Crawling in the snow!

She looks thrilled huh?! Love the pic though!

There's a smile!

Thanks for letting me bounce my frustration off of you!! Hope you enjoyed the pics and I hope to do some scrapping this week to share!!

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