Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day!!

For those of you who know me so well can imagine my excitment when I got the call at 5:00 this morning telling me that school was canceled!! I jumped out of bed to look out the window to see exactly how much snow we actually got!! I am such a little kid!! I think I get more excited about a snow day than my own child!!
Once the girls got up we had breakfast and tried to find all our snow stuff. I found Kayla's easily because Santa brought new snow boots and snow pants. Unfortunately, I was not able to find snow pants for Audrey. We waited until Audrey went down for a nap and dashed out the door for some pics! Kayla was across the street playing with Meg and I began snapping pics. There's nothing I love more than snow pictures!
We are supposed to get more snow tonight for a total of around 10-15 inches! I am sooo excited (Sorry mom and dad!)!! I am hoping that I can find Audrey's snowpants tonight so I can get some snow pics of her. She was much too little last year to take pics in the snow. Need some of those!
Here are some of the many pics I took today.

Kayla and her friend Meg standing in the snow.

Kayla shoveling snow for a snow fort!

And more snow for the fort!

Kayla and Meg posing for Mom!!

Kayla up close!
I will be back tomorrow to post some layouts and cards from my scrap day with Heather and Alice!
Come on SNOW!!!! :)

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