Monday, June 6, 2011


So I have to admit, I am kind of a nerd!! I started reading this series back before they even became popular.

I started reading the series not only because it looked good but also because I am always looking for good books to "suck" my students into reading. When I started Twilight however many years ago, I was captivated right away!! I quickly read the first book and moved onto New Moon but I can say that I had a more difficult time reading through this one for some reason. I put it down for about a month before going back to it. I am glad I did! I finished New Moon and Eclipse just in time for Breaking Dawn to be released. I had been trying to convince my friends and sister that they NEEDED to read these books but they all thought I had lost my mind! Finally my sister-in-law picked up Twilight and she was quickly sucked in!! My first victim!!!

I convinced her to go with me the night Breaking Dawn was being released in bookstores. We went to the bookstore to hang out until midnight when it would go on sale at a discounted price! I was sooooo excited! I felt like a teenager hanging out at the bookstore with all these teeny-boppers!! We had fun and I realized that I am very grateful for no longer being a silly teenager!

I think I finished Breaking Dawn in about 2 1/2 days! It was so good! I have convinced more friends and my sister as well to read this series and I think they are glad they did!

I have seen all of the movies several times and probably could recite Twilight by heart if I had to! I am soooooo looking forward to seeing Breaking Dawn in November (not that I am rushing my summer or my life, just looking forward to seeing it!)! There are few things that I am obsessed with in life, but this is definitely one of them!!

Click Here to watch the new trailer! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Thanks for allowing me to share my obsession with you!! Be back soon!

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