Wednesday, June 8, 2011

One More Obsession!

So in my previous post I mentioned that there were very few things that I am obsessed with, well this is another of those obsessions:

I am in LOVE with this site. Basically what Pintrest is it is a virtual bulletin board so to speak. You can "pin" anything that you have an interest in onto bulletin boards that you create! For example, I have been working on several designs for wedding invitations and when I find something I like I drag the image to my Pintrest icon and I can "pin" it to one of my saved bulletin boards. You can follow other people's bulletin boards as well. When you follow a person's boards you can choose which of the boards of theirs that you would like to follow or you can choose to follow them all. It is great to follow a person's boards because when you log onto the site, you come to a home page where you can see all of the items that have been pinned by those you are following. You can then take any of their "pins" and "pin" them onto any of your boards! I love it because it is just such a wealth of fabulous ideas and images!

Your boards can range from ideas for the home, fashion, crafty, pretty much anything you want! I am in LUST with this site! I think this past Sunday I pretty much spent my entire day playing on it!!

If you have a chance check it out! Please make sure that you note, you have to be "invited" to a part of this site. You can ask for an invitation, which is what I did, and when they decide to make space for you, you will receive your invitation to join. I PROMISE, you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for stopping by! :-D

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